What is ZacksCrowd?

ZacksCrowd will be the premier Illinois equity crowdfunding portal providing entrepreneurs and investors the ability to meet each other online.  Illinois residence can invest directly online from as little as $500 in one or more of the companies listed on the website. If the funding goal is reached, the company’s investors will become a stakeholder in the listed company. Illinois entrepreneurs on ZacksCrowd have the ability to attract money from a group of investors directly online.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding generally refers to a large group of investors gathering online with relatively small amounts of capital to fund a company or business division within a privately help endeavor.

This business can range from a retail store, a medical device, real estate or developing a new technology. The entire process of finding investors, bringing together the required amount of funding and closing the investment all occur on the ZacksCrowd portal.

Why should I invest in companies on ZacksCrowd?

Perhaps you would like to invest directly in an Illinois business. You believe in the concept and want to contribute to its success or you feel there is growth potential. As a satisfied customer/observer of the company you may feel there is an opportunity to profit from the investment. You should of course be aware that any investment incomes with risk, particularly in the case of start-ups. Chances are, after all, that a company does not meet its objectives. In many cases your investment may be lost and investors are strongly encouraged to research the financials and individuals involved in any investment opportunity. Go beyond the concept and video presentation.

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ZacksCrowd will operate as an Illinois Equity Crowdfunding portal created to bring new investment opportunities to our clients. We’re committed to providing both Issuing companies and Investors the premier crowdfunding technology, partnered with the benefit of 35+ years of Wall Street experience. Every client receives our premier service, a core philosophy we championed since our founding of Zacks Investment Research in 1978.


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